THE SANDBOX Meeting Rooms

Our Creative and Collaborative Meeting Rooms are available to rent.

Need a place to meet, collaborate or create?

THE SANDBOX Santa Barbara features 3 unique spaces available to the public and our members to collaborate, meet or brainstorm. Our The Longboard Meeting Room, Whiteboard Room (with two huge whiteboard walls) and our Airstream Meeting Room are equipped with everything you need to meet with your company, clients, investors, or team.  Or schedule a creative brainstorming session in an inspiring space.  And yes… you can meet in an airstream! All 3 spaces:

  • Are individually climate controlled
  • Are soundproofed for privacy
  • Are close to THE SANDBOX entrances.  Getting into the rooms, to set up for for your meeting is quick and painless!
  • Come equipped with large flat screen TVs for projecting from your computer and presenting to your team, clients, and collaborators.
  • Are set up as ZOOM Rooms for remote meeting participants to be involved and for easy screen sharing
  • Are bright and spacious
  • Come with coffee, tea, snacks and more.

We also have whiteboard walls in the Longboard and Whiteboard meeting rooms for your creative collaboration session! Is there something you need for your meeting?  Let us know!

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The Longboard Meeting Room

  • Comfortably seats 12
  • Features a 55” Flat screen tv with a Chromecast and Zoom (to project wirelessly)
  • A Large Whiteboard
  • Zoom Room conference call system
  • A bright, naturally lit, space with privacy curtains
  • Separate climate control
  • Lots of Coffee

$60 Per Hour
($30 for SANDBOX members)

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The Whiteboard Room

Our collaborative conference room space to get your creative on, brainstorm a new venture, or meet with a small team.

  • Seats up to 8 comfortably (6 to 8 is ideal)
  • Write, doodle or draw on the 2 whiteboard walls
  • 50″ Flat screen tv with Chromecast and Zoom to project digitally
  • Zoom Room conference call system
  • Separate climate control for the room

$50 Per Hour
($25 for SANDBOX members)

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Airstream Meeting Room

A very flexible space that can be well appointed for mid-size board meetings, or very casual for collaborative sessions.

  • Seats up to 10 comfortably (8 is ideal)
  • Our lounge-like conference area for mid size group meetings or collaboration sessions
  • 50” Flat screen tv with Chromecast to project digitally
  • Can be set up with couch and bench seating

$40 Per Hour

($20 for SANDBOX members)

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The Airstream Lounge

Meet in Sixties Style
$40/per hour
  • Seats up to 12 comfortably (8 to 10 is ideal)
  • Lounge-like conference area for mid-size group meetings
  • or collaboration sessions
  • 50” Flat Screen TV to project presentations
  • Bench and couch or chair seating
  • Outlets for computers, cell phones and other devices
  • Lights & Interior Fan

The Whiteboard Room

Get your creativity on!
$50/per hour
  • Seats up to 10 comfortably (6 to 8 is ideal)
  • Write, doodle or draw on both the whiteboard walls
  • Very private
  • 50″ Flat screen tv
  • Zoom Conference System
  • Chromecast from your computer
  • Separate climate control